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OEB Uptown closed for renovations from August 01 – September 5, returning on the 6th at 7am

In the meanwhile we have opened our second location in DT Calgary, #110, 222 5th AVENUE SW 

About Us

OEB or also known as Overeasy Breakfast was created in the fall of 2009. Our commitment was to bring the farms and the people that provide us with amazing products into our dining room. Working together with local farmers and entrepreneurs alike, we were able to achieve that goal, and uplifted the breakfast scene in Calgary.

We committed to using naturally raised products from farms across Canada, and to use organic and local ingredients whenever possible. We believe that it is through constant hard work and dedication that makes OEB great today. For that, we have to thank our very hard working staff and management team that dedicate numerous hours to establish a positive dining experience.

We have gone to great lengths to ensure all ingredients are carefully chosen and properly sourced to make sure only the most flavourful and innovative breakfast dishes are served.

Hosting 36 seats in total and a bi-annual changing menu, OEB seeks to change the Calgary breakfast scene, and has been nominated Best Breakfast/Brunch 4 years running.

Our Eggs:

In the fall of 2010 we raised our own flock of chickens, and the free run, dark yolk, Omega 3 egg was born. Two large barns are now dedicated to OEB’s enormous consumption of eggs.

Did you know that we go through well over 3000 fresh eggs a week? Last year we used well over 180000 fresh eggs at OEB, that’s a lot of eggs!


Our Breads:

Our breads are all-natural with no added preservatives and are freshly hand-made every morning by our European baker.

Our Meats:

All of our meats are gluten-free and custom made from our recipe collection by Paolini’s Meats, one of Calgary’s best sausage makers. All of our meats are naturally raised without the use of hormones or other non-natural products. We only use Birkshire hogs, Prime Black Angus beef, and our own free run chickens.


Our Potatoes:

Our latest innovation was to cook all our potatoes in Organic duck fat. Why? Duck fat is all-natural. It’s also a classic staple in traditional French cuisine, and it’s what our ancestors used hundreds of years ago, well before any of the modified cooking oils available today. Yes there is corn or sunflower oil, but there is no flavour comparison to cooking potatoes in duck fat, we promise!

OEB is proud to be a successful employer for the Drop In Centre in Calgary

We’ve joined up with NoWait to better assist our customers!

This app will give you the opportunity to “put your name on the list” without you being physically present.

Check out their site and download the app by clicking the button below




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